Welly Hydro

Web Design, Webflow Development, E-Commerce, CMS


Welly Hydro is one of the leading horticulture retailers in the UK, supplying over 1,000 garden products and accessories to customers nationwide. The owner was in need of a website refresh and urgently required an online store to manage his orders more efficiently, having previously managed everything in-store.


What we’ve done

1. Strategic Discovery
2. Requirements Gathering
3. Website Design & Build
4. Online Store Implementation
5. Content Management System Development
6. Converting paper lists into digital files
7. Training

Website Design & Build

Welly Hydro wanted a site that maintained a professional feel but kept the store’s quirky vibe with a subtle nod to the garden centre industry. The main aim of the site was to create an online store that would compete with the market leaders, but before we could start we first had to tackle Welly Hydro's paper problem. All 1,000 product variations, prices and descriptions were stored on paper and it required hours of manual admin time to convert this information to a digital format. Luckily, One Size Media were on hand to undertake this mammoth task and now Welly Hydro have a professional e-commerce website which organises all products into categories and showcases all variations in an easy to view format, backed-up by a Content Management System which can track stock relative to orders in real time.

Content Management System

A CMS is computer software or an application that uses a database to manage all content, and it can be used when developing a website. A CMS can therefore be used to update content and/or your website structure.

The Client’s Response...

“I'm so pleased with the work that One Size Media have done, they were so helpful at all times and moving from paper inventory to digital has been a life saver. I can’t thank them enough”

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